Where to find French communities in Canada?

Canada is one of the countries that welcome the most French in its territory. In fact, 6,000 French people a year choose to expatriate to this country. We must not forget the students who arrive every year to pursue their studies in Canada. The French community is therefore omnipresent in this country. Through this article, find out where you can find French communities in Canada.

French community in Quebec

The province of Quebec is home to the most French residents. In fact, thousands of French people come to settle as permanent residents of Quebec every year. One of the reasons for this is the increase in the number of young French people coming to Canada through the WHP program, which allows them to work and travel in the country. In addition, the French community is active in Quebec. So if you are thinking of moving to Canada, or if you are planning to stay for a while, consider going to Quebec. Also, if you like to live in big cities, you may enjoy living in Montreal. Since this city is home to most of the French communities in Canada, you will get used to it twice as quickly.

What about the other provinces?

As you may already know, Canada has many other cities that are just as attractive. More and more French people are moving to other provinces such as Ontario and Alberta. You can also come to Vancouver, British Columbia. You should know that even though most of the other provinces are Anglophone, French communities in Canada still have a place there. Indeed, the French who live in Quebec make up a large part of French-speaking Canadians, of course, but French communities are also active in other provinces. Moreover, they actively contribute to the dissemination of Francophone culture and the French language outside the Quebec region.

Associations and networks of French communities in Canada

Given the large number of French communities in Canada, so are their associations and networks. Associations representing the regions of France (Alsatians, Corsicans, Basques, etc.) are present on the territory. Others such as the Alliance Fran├žaise and the Union of French Nationals Abroad are more active and better known. To proceed in a practical way, you are advised to join the Facebook groups of French people who reside in Canada, notably, French in Montreal, French in Vancouver, etc.,etc.
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