How do I pass each IELTS exam?

Published on : 06 October 20203 min reading time

A recognised test of the English language, IELTS is for anyone wishing to live in an English-speaking country. It is a certified assessment of the most popular English language. Its passage can be stressful. So how do you pass each IELTS exercise? Here we give you all the tips you need to win your test.

Assessing your English language ability

Before you take the actual IELTS exam, you can take similar mock exams to find out your scores. In this way, you assess your abilities and learn from your mistakes. Successful completion of a language exam is based on rigorous daily training.

But like all international tests, IELTS has standards. So the instructions are particularly the same. For this you need to master similar exercises and practice them to pass them properly. After the assessment of your ability, you now need to master the various forms of the test. Check for more information about online practice for the exam IELTS.

Mastering oral and written comprehension well

The IELTS test consists of two listening tests: oral and written. In order to pass them, you need to test your abilities with similar exercises. The first comprehension is a half-hour listening exercise consisting of four parts. These exercises consist of monologues and conversations on various topics. You will answer questions referring to the recordings. To succeed in these questions, train your ears to listen to the English language in order to better capture the language.

For Reading comprehension, this is a one-hour test that involves answering about forty questions. Texts from various media such as magazines, books and other materials will be presented. To anticipate your real exam, you can test your abilities with corrected exercises. This training will help you to better understand the texts and to formulate your answers when the time comes. In addition to mastering the comprehension skills on your IELTS exam, you also need to master the oral and written expressions.

Understand written and oral expression well

During the IELTS test, you will be asked to take a one hour, two-question test for Writing or Writing. A good command of English spelling is very useful to pass this test. The other question is often open-ended and gives you the freedom to express yourself in English. But in order to do so, you need to know English grammar and spelling.

The final test consists of speaking in front of an examiner. He will ask you various questions to test your ability to speak English. He will start by asking you questions about yourself, and then give you questions on a specific topic. To prepare for this oral test, you will need to practise presenting yourself correctly in English and giving a speech to support your points of view. There are suitable materials for this. In order to pass your IELTS test, it is important that you practise regularly and rigorously.

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