IELTS oral success: here are some tips for you!

IELTS is the most widely known English exam in the world. It is designed for those who want to continue their studies, pursue their professional careers or for those who want to live in English-speaking countries. Here are a few tips on how to pass the IELTS Oral Test to perfection and get the maximum score possible.

Preparations before taking the IELTS Test

You have to train every day at home and in class. English requires a lot of practice, especially if you want to become as fluent as English speakers. The more you practice, the faster you will speak the language as if it were your mother tongue. Being the only English speaker in the family should not be a block for you. Currently, there are several websites that offer the opportunity to practiice online. Practice online for the IELTS with GlobalExam for instance. The first key to passing an IELTS oral exam is to be enthusiastic. Do some research, and prepare for your IELTS test. Make assessments of your skills, strengths and weaknesses, so that you don't make the same mistakes and know where you need to practice the most.

Tips during your IELTS Oral Test

When you take your IELTS oral exam, relax, be comfortable. It's easy to say what to do, but if you are nervous it will cause panic and may spoil all your efforts. Show the graders that you are ready and able. Avoid giving short answers and answering with a yes or a no. Make your answers longer, explaining the situation, giving various examples and showing your personal point of view. If you don't understand the marker's question, don't hesitate to ask the marker to repeat it and/or clarify any point you didn't understand. Students also have the right to think for one or two minutes before answering the question.

Some key points to keep in mind for successful IELTS completion

You need to be proficient in the functions of language. That is to say, you must be prepared and know all the expressions that may correspond to the questions of the proofreader. During your training try to speak in natural English like English speakers. Do exercises, listen more to the way they communicate so that you can speak like them. Grammar and language must be well distinguished. You must master the language with agility and at the same time without grammatical mistakes. During the IETS exam do not hesitate to correct your mistakes to show the examiner that you have a very good command of the language.
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