Student life

Continuing your studies in Canada as a Frenchman

Renowned for its omnipresent cultural diversity, the presence of many prestigious institutions, the quality of life and its teaching, Canada attracts many French students every year. Are you planning to continue your studies here? Here is some useful information. The…

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Tips to better integrate into Canadian society

Planning to move to Canada soon? Even if it turns out that you have opted for a French-speaking region of Canada, psychological preparation is always necessary, beyond all material preparations. It is not always easy to arrive in a country…

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How does tipping work in Canada?

In Canada, many workers are tipped on their daily benefits. In the country, this gain is regulated by specific agreements. Certain elements must be taken into account in the calculation of the tip to be granted. Note that this reward…

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How can I improve my English in Canada?

Canada is a beautifully large and dynamic country with a tradition of welcoming businessmen, students and visitors from around the world. Learning English abroad is also a perfect choice. With three territories and ten provinces, you can surround yourself with…

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Finding a student job in Canada: a few tips!

College life is never divorced from odd jobs. They allow students to acquire a little pocket money to meet their financial needs. Depending on their choices, these learners can also benefit from certain experiences. Here are three practical tips for…

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