Tips to better integrate into Canadian society

Published on : 24 July 20202 min reading time

Planning to move to Canada soon? Even if it turns out that you have opted for a French-speaking region of Canada, psychological preparation is always necessary, beyond all material preparations. It is not always easy to arrive in a country that does not have the same culture and customs as your country of origin. To better overcome culture shock, here are some tips.

Research your host country

In order not to feel too disoriented during your installation, and to better live the culture shock, it is advisable to inform yourself as much as possible about your destination. This will give you a better understanding of the world that awaits you, as well as a better adaptation of habits and lifestyles in Canada. Knowing what gestures and attitudes to avoid also allows you to integrate well into the host country by avoiding making false steps.

Find out about legislation, written laws, but also tacit laws such as garbage sorting that are applicable in Canada. As an example, be aware that on the posted prices, the 13% taxes equivalent to the total of the TRP and GST are not included. Multiculturalism is characteristic of Canada, hence the importance of being prepared for cultural diversity.

Be understanding and open-minded

Adapting to a new culture and a new pace is never easy. Avoid making value judgments about the culture of the host country. On the contrary, try to understand it by doing research on the Internet, or by talking to local people. Not only will you get information, but you will also gain in terms of relationships, a big step in getting over the culture shock. Building friendly relationships allows you to shed more light on the practices of the population you find difficult to understand and to be more careful in formulating your opinions.

Respect local practices

To overcome the culture shock, respect for the culture, habits and beliefs of the host country’s population will ensure that you adapt better in your new environment. Whether it’s a question of food and clothing habits, or practices and values that seem strange, even ridiculous, always act with respect. Accepting the customs and habits of your host country will help you get used to your new life. Don’t distance yourself, integrate and participate in social life and community life.

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