Continuing your studies in Canada as a Frenchman

Renowned for its omnipresent cultural diversity, the presence of many prestigious institutions, the quality of life and its teaching, Canada attracts many French students every year. Are you planning to continue your studies here? Here is some useful information.

The choice between several education systems

Unlike France, the education system in Canada differs from one province to another. Don't hesitate to visit the websites of the universities in the different provinces that attract you the most to make a comparison and select the one that suits you best. Moreover, studying in Canada generally requires you to make a few concessions, especially in terms of number of years. If a Bachelor's degree is done in 3 years in France, its equivalent, the Undergraduate degree, takes 4 years in Canada. If you choose Quebec to stay in a French-speaking environment, take a look at the different designations for the different academic levels to help you find your way around.

Administrative procedures made easier for French students

French students are generally very well received in Canada. Unlike other foreign students, you will not need to go through the long visa application process for your first semester. All you need is your valid passport, a letter of acceptance from the Canadian university, a medical certificate, and sufficient financial resources. Only after 6 months are you will be asked to apply for a study permit. And to further facilitate your integration into the country, studying in Canada as a French student also means being able to benefit from the same social protection as Canadians thanks to an agreement between the two countries.

Student housing that accommodates students from diverse backgrounds

As in France, on-campus student housing is very common in Canada to allow students to fully engage in their studies. But studying in Canada also means opening up to others and learning about local practices. And living in a university residence can greatly facilitate your integration by forging ties with other students from different backgrounds. To make sure you have a university room or studio, get a head start, because just like in France, they are highly sought-after, and competition can be tough, especially if you don't have a scholarship. If you prefer to live off-campus, you can opt for a private rental, depending on your means, or opt for a roommate to reduce your bills.
Tips to better integrate into Canadian society
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