How does tipping work in Canada?

Published on : 24 July 20202 min reading time

In Canada, many workers are tipped on their daily benefits. In the country, this gain is regulated by specific agreements. Certain elements must be taken into account in the calculation of the tip to be granted. Note that this reward is an almost unavoidable practice in certain cities in Canada, including Quebec City.

Tipping in Canadian restaurants

In Canada, restaurant employees are paid no more than the minimum wage. In Canada, waiters are considered to be “tipping employees”. They supplement their month-end with tips. These extra earnings are equivalent to the service provided. In several European countries such as Belgium and France, tips in Canada are already included in the tariff. In Canada and Quebec City, the prices posted are exclusive of service and tax. The 15% service charge is then the result of the tip. Even optional in Canada, the tip must be paid by the customer. Please note that employees pay a portion of their taxes on this share.

How to calculate the tip and how to pay it?

Tipping in Canada is calculated on the amount before tax. To do this, you must leave an amount equivalent to both taxes. The latter, when cumulated, will be 15%. To make it very simple, you can ask the server to calculate the tip. If you want to bust your head or if you want to have a precise result, multiply the federal tax by three.

The tip can be placed on the table or sent directly to the waiter. You can also add the service to your credit card. The receipt has a dedicated tip line. For a payment via a terminal, you can leave the service as a percentage or indicate an amount.

For which agents to tip in Canada?

Bartenders, waiters, taxi drivers, gas station attendants, hotel baggage handlers, cleaners, hairdressers and tour guides are the main beneficiaries of tipping in Canada. In fast food restaurants, the amount of the tip often varies depending on the customer’s order. For taxi drivers, the service will be assessed according to the price of the ride. If the driver handles luggage, an additional amount per suitcase is required. At the hairdresser’s, plan for close to 10% of the cost of the service. In any case, remain generous towards the service provider.

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