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How do I pass each IELTS exam?

A recognised test of the English language, IELTS is for anyone wishing to live in an English-speaking country. It is a certified assessment of the most popular English language. Its passage can be stressful. So how do you pass each…

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IELTS oral success: here are some tips for you!

IELTS is the most widely known English exam in the world. It is designed for those who want to continue their studies, pursue their professional careers or for those who want to live in English-speaking countries. Here are a few…

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How to pass the TOEIC listening section?

Will you be taking the Test of English for international communication or TOEIC soon? This kind of test can open many doors for you when you get a sufficient score. The TOEIC generally consists of two sections: reading and listening….

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How do I pass my TOEIC test?

Many websites offer different preparatory courses to succeed in each TOEIC exercise. You have the choice to start whenever you want, and adapt the duration of your course to your needs in relation to your objective. What are the preparations…

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Useful methods to improve your TOEIC score

Assessing the level of business English, TOEIC certification is increasingly in demand in the professional world. Holding this certification is an undeniable asset on a resume. The TOEIC is also required for students who wish to continue their studies in…

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