How to pass the TOEIC listening section?

Published on : 24 July 20202 min reading time

Will you be taking the Test of English for international communication or TOEIC soon? This kind of test can open many doors for you when you get a sufficient score. The TOEIC generally consists of two sections: reading and listening. In order to pass each test, especially the listening section, and to avoid stress, it is essential to be prepared.

Follow the rhythm of the soundtrack

The questions are asked in quick succession and the test takes several hours. At the same time, there are various types of questions. This makes it easy for candidates to drop out. In addition, many candidates do not have enough time to answer, as they tend to hesitate between many answer options. You can prepare for the listening section of the TOEIC by practicing on online platforms like GlobalExam.

Whenever a new question arises and you have not yet been able to validate the previous question, it is important to give your answer randomly while focusing on the question to come. All questions must be answered. With this in mind, eliminate answer choices.

There are no negative points in the listening section of the TOEIC. By staying within the rhythm of the soundtrack, you cannot create too much distance on the answer grid. To achieve this, finish each question before the allotted time.

Anticipating possible answers

When repeating the instructions of a game, focus on the next question. Similarly, when you have given your answer to an interrogation, prepare the next question right away so that you can answer quickly.

For parts one and two, preparation time can be very important. You will need to consider sentences and look at the photograph for the description of the image. In this case, identifying the correct answer will be much easier. However, read the questions carefully before listening to the monologue or dialogue that characterizes Part 3 and Part 4.

Expand your TOEIC vocabulary

The test of English for international communication indicates a repetitive test. Therefore, possession and mastery of the TOEIC vocabulary will be of great use to you in passing your test.

For Part 1, you must have a perfect command of movement verbs and place prepositions. However, topics related to commerce, business communication, business travel, the weather report, or making appointments are recurrent for parts 3 and 4.

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