How do I pass my TOEIC test?

Many websites offer different preparatory courses to succeed in each TOEIC exercise. You have the choice to start whenever you want, and adapt the duration of your course to your needs in relation to your objective.

What are the preparations for passing each TOEIC exercise?

There are two parts to the preparation: familiarization with the specifics and improvement of English language skills. The goal of the specialization treatment is to develop strategies to improve your test results. You should have a clear idea of the structure, review some sample questions and answers, and take the practice test or complete the real TOEIC once for the exercise. Leaving aside the slight improvements in score by getting a clear picture of the test structure, the only way to improve your score is to improve your English skills. But you can learn faster and practice better by registering for a specific TOEIC preparation course at for instance.

How do the TOEIC practice tests work?

You can find many free or partial practice tests online or in books to prepare yourself. They are not the same, but they are as long and demanding as the TOEIC listening and reading comprehension test, and test the same skills. Online websites can give you a good idea of the concentration you need to pass a standardized English test. Whichever test you choose, your goal should be to get used to the testing environment, types of questions, and expected answers. You won't find exactly the same questions, but the types of tasks are very similar to those on the actual test.

Take a preparatory course to pass each TOEIC exercise

There are many types of TOEIC preparation courses. The three main ones are online preparatory courses, TOEIC preparatory courses at a school, and TOEIC preparatory courses abroad. Preparing for an online course is very flexible and inexpensive, but you need a high degree of self-discipline to complete your learning plan. A course in your area provides you with a binding framework and gives your preparation a solid structure. Preparation abroad is the most intensive solution, as it allows you to study and practice several hours a week.
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