Which cities to choose for moving to Canada?

Published on : 24 July 20203 min reading time

Every Canadian city has its own quality of life assets. However, the choice of a host city also depends on other criteria. Discover the different advantages of some Canadian cities in this article.

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Moving to Quebec has many advantages. First of all, Quebecers are welcoming people who like to help newcomers in their settlement process. Second, choosing Quebec allows you to live a quiet and serene life, because the security in this city is one of the highest in Canada. Finally, Quebec’s culture and gastronomy are also among the assets when choosing a city to settle in Canada.

On the other hand, living in Quebec can present some disadvantages. Purchasing power is quite high and food and telephone packages are expensive. Quebecers generally speak the language of Molière, but with a slight difference from classical French. If you don’t like the cold, this city is not ideal for you. Indeed, winter in this city lasts a long time compared to other cities in Canada and it is quite harsh.


When choosing your city of installation in Canada, purchasing power is one of the selection criteria to be taken into account. In Montreal you can find affordable housing: apartments are often rented with furniture. This city also has several stocks of merchandise to supply its inhabitants over a very long period of time. The price of these goods is more affordable than in other cities in Canada.

The distance between the city and the suburbs is also an important factor in choosing a city to live in. In Montreal, it is possible to make short trips between your place of work and your home. In this bilingual city, if speaking Canadian French is a problem for you, you can use English to communicate with the people of this city.


The labour market is one of the criteria for moving to Toronto. It is Canada’s largest city and is also an industrial city. If you want a career in Canada, Toronto is ideal for starting your own business. Cultural diversity is an important factor when choosing a city to live in Canada. If you want to immigrate to Canada, Toronto is ideal for you, since almost half of the city’s inhabitants are immigrants.

Safety is also part of the selection criteria for settling in Toronto. It is the fourth safest city in the world. It is also ideal for a night walk, as Toronto is the most lit city in Canada.

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