Working and staying in Canada with the WHP

Issued by the Canadian authorities, the Working Holiday Permit (WHP) allows French and Belgian nationals to stay in Canada for 12 or 24 months. This document authorizes travellers to work in Canada while discovering the country. However, travellers are not required to find an employer beforehand to obtain a WHP.

Valid throughout Canada

The WHP allows French nationals to live, work and discover Canada for one year. To obtain this authorization, working tourists do not need to find an employer beforehand. During an open WHP Canada Working Holiday Permit, they will be able to work for several companies. Apart from the limit of validity of the WHP, there is no maximum duration imposed by the Canadian authorities. The WHP authorizes the travelers to travel and work throughout Canada with complete freedom. During their stay, travellers will not be limited to a single province or department. They can travel to Ontario, Quebec and the Manitoba region. To travel from one province to another, travellers will not be required to inform anyone.

The WHP, an individual document

To each his own PVT. If you decide to go with your spouse or friends, you must apply for one per person. Please note that this is an individual document. The WHP does not give a work permit to the spouse. Like you, your spouse must be in the applicant pool to obtain a work permit. As well, children will also need their own status to travel to Canada. If the traveller has found a job in the country that he or she likes, he or she can still work for one company during the validity of the WHP. Unlike the Hong Kong and Australian WHPs, which limit work to 6 months, the WHP Canada Working Holiday Permit does not set a time limit.

No selection of profiles and no obligation to work

The candidate's profile has no influence on the awarding of the WHP. The evaluation of applications does not depend on the candidate's diploma, professional experience, motivation or language level. All persons who meet the participation criteria imposed by the Canadian authorities have a chance to obtain a WHP Canada Working Holiday Permit. If they have sufficient resources, WHP travellers will not be required to work while in Canada. They may choose to work or take a vacation. The WHP also allows them to do volunteer work or internships. However, the IEC permit is best suited for candidates who wish to undertake an internship.
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